Sheet Metal Works

Where are sheet metal used?

Sheet metal fabricated products are used in various industries ranging from engineering, manufacturing, scientific equipment, IT and communications.

The complexity range from simple electrical panels to integrated units that are made up of many smaller parts. They can be as big as products such as roofing, or small parts such as brackets and clamps.

For example in F&B, retail and commercial spaces, sheet metal are commonly fabricated to form shop signages, shelving and displays, point of sales and vending units.

Besides fixtures for interiors, customized furniture such as chairs, benches, tables, cabinets can be fabricated with sheet metal.

In the engineering industry, sheet metal are used in small components of large machinery and exterior panels.

Stainless Steel Works

Stainless steel is a complicated type of metal to work with, especially when you have no idea about them. That’s why it’s best to hand over your dream project to some of the finest welders and engineers who have been giving their 200% in our facility. At Q-Techno Enterprise Pte Ltd, we always try to impress our clients with the advanced machinery and high-quality material. That’s why we are the pioneers of this industry.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Fabrication

If you are asking yourself whether it was a legit decision to choose Stainless steel for your products, let me remind you why you made up your mind for Stainless steel fabrication in the first place.

Jig & Fixture

Some machining operation are so simple’ which are done quite easily, such as turning, the job is held in position in the chuck and turning operation is done easily. No other device is required to hold the job or to guide the tool on the machine in such an operation. But some operations are such type in which the tool is required to be guided by means of another device and also some jobs are of such forms which are required to be held in position on the machine by means of another device.

The device which guides the tool is called jig and the device which holds the job in position is called fixture.

Arcylic Works

Acrylic sheet is a material with unique physical properties and performance characteristics. It weighs half as much as the finest optical glass, yet is equal to it in clarity and is up to 17 times more impact resistant. It can be worked as easily as wood, can be formed into endless, interesting and functional shapes, is resistant to chemicals and industrial fumes, and remains stable under sustained exposure to the elements.

Optical Clarity

Acrylic sheet provides excellent light transmission and does not yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Weather Resistance: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will damage signs made from Acrylic sheet. Its durability enables it to maintain its original appearance and color despite heat, cold, sunlight and humidity.

Teflon Works

Make to order Flexible “Flare-Thru” ends to prevent fluid entrapment between the hose and fittings. Teflon designed within the ruggedness of a metallic outer hose. Non-contaminating transfer of a material through an absolutely smooth interior. Also available in cam and groove and sanitary fitting configurations.

MTL Series Hose.

Smooth PTFE tube.

Sizes range from 1″ – 8″

Temperature rated:-100°F to +400°F

We also have Special Teflon Hoses for the most demanding applications for chemical transfer. Contact us with the Series Code for enquiry.